The Emerald Editor Team

Emerald Editor is open source, although the copyright of individual portions belongs, of course, to their respective original authors - no-one can change that, nor do we wish to. Consequently, the name "Emerald Editor" and all associated content is copyright from 2006 onwards to the Emerald Editor Team.

That said, there isn't a set team as such - maybe there will be in the future - but for now it's a small project, still very much in flux.

Who's on the team? (Forum username in italics)

Project Manager

The Project Manager is, within reason, in charge of the project. Any final decisions are generally made by the Project Manager, subject to healthy debate and feedback in the Discussion Forum.

Design Team

The Design Team are tasked with ensuring that Emerald Editor has a clear and suitable design. They play a crucial part in the Emerald Editor development, ensuring that the Programming Team have a clear set of requirements and design to work to.

Any questions regarding the design of Emerald Editor, and how features are meant to work together with new ideas and suggestions should be directed to them in the forum.

Programming Team

The Programming Team are essentially in charge of implementing the Emerald Editor design. It is down to the Programming Team to ensure that the development of Emerald Editor is proceeding as planned. The Programming Team will also be responsible for building the 'official' release builds of Emerald Editor, and the Project Manager will ensure these are uploaded to the site, and to any mirror sites.

Any questions regarding development, patches and new features should be directed to them in the Forum.

Crimson Editor Team

The Crimson Editor Team are tasked with maintaining and supporting the existing builds of Crimson Editor, Emerald Editor's forefather. They are responsible for ensuring that any bugs within Crimson Editor are patched, and answering any support queries related to Crimson Editor on the forums.

Any questions regarding the Crimson Editor, should be directed to them in the appropriate forum.

Documentation Team

The Documentation Team's job is to document Emerald Editor, both from the user's and programmer's points of view - the users need to know how to use Emerald Editor, and to get the best out of it, while the programming documentation is necessary for software maintenance, patching and testing.

In some cases, there will be a little overlap with the Programming Team, particularly from the programmer's documentation.

Testing Team

The Testing Team test the software builds made by the Programming Team, for any unusual behaviour, any faults, or errors that occur. The Testing Team will liaise with the Programming Team to hunt down any bugs, and once the Testing Team are satisfied that the current build is releasable, the Project Manager will get the builds added to the download section.

Any bug reports should be directed to the Testing Team, and to the bug tracker.

Graphics Team

The Graphics Team, in conjunction with the Programming Team, will be responsible for the look and feel of Emerald Editor, and be responsible for artwork inside the package (e.g. icons, toolbars etc.) and for any logos or banners that are required.

As the project expands, the Graphics Team may also begin to look after the design aspect of the website.

News Team

The News Team is responsible for updating the word on Emerald Editor. At the moment, this will include new stories on the front page of Emerald Editor's website, but as the software expands, and so will any publicity (we hope), more people will be needed to spread the good word.

Official Mascot

The official mascot helps build the morale of the people on the project and puts forward all sorts of interesting and useful suggestions and generally helps the Project Manager think of all the nitty gritty that had been missed amongst the bigger stuff.

Site Administrator

The site administrator is responsible for keeping the infrastructure - core website, plus any adjacent technologies (webserver, database server, forum software) - running smoothly. At the moment, Peter not only administrates and oversees the site, he also hosts the site on his own server, along with the Subversion repository.

With your help, though, the team - and Emerald Editor - can grow. We look forward to hearing from you, be it comments, feedback, suggestions, bug reports - anything.

In the first instance, any queries are probably best fed through the Forum, or bug tracker, but if you have any questions, please feel free to email Pete Spicer, above, via "sleeping" [at sign] "myperch" [dot symbol] "org". (Please remember to leave the quotes out)

Emerald Editor is copyright © 2006-2007 by the Emerald Editor team "A jewel of an editor"